Phosentix is a US based life science engineering company with a mission to develop tools and accessories for microplate instrumentation. We have specialized experience in metrology and microplate reader design. We know how important your microplate readers are to your work and strive to provide you with high quality tools to maintain and monitor their performance. 

Phosentix developed the MicroQC Plate with the laboratory scientist in mind. We understand the challenges at the bench with assuring that microplate instrumentation is performing at its best and the MicroQC Plate can assist with any microplate quality assurance certifications. We have experience with most major brands of readers and will be happy to help you. Just click on support and open a help ticket at any time.

Phosentix's MicroQC Plate is the only independent microplate reader QC device on the market with a complete array of features to thoroughly test modern multifunctional readers. Our goal for the MicroQC Plate was to provide the life scientist with a high quality tool that would provide exceptional value and metrology capability. We feel we've met that goal but if there are additional features or functionality you'd like to see in the MicroQC Plate please let us know.

Our products are designed, built, and tested in the United States. We offer custom engineering solutions for microplate reader accessories. If you have an idea you need executed or a suggestion for the MicroQC Plate please get in contact. 

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