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Performance Certification

Phosentix will thoroughly test your MicroQC Plate and ensure that it meets factory specifications. Testing includes:

  • Measurement of fluorescence, luminescence, and absorbance modality to assure it meets factory specifications. If your MicroQC Plate has the NIST traceable absorbance option we’ll recertify it.

  • Calibration of all optional modes: temperature sensing, kinetic luminescence, assay simulation, and crosstalk luminescence.

  • Chassis inspection.

  • Battery testing for proper functioning.

  • A complete Performance Certification report will be returned with your unit.

If you are in need of a annual certification for your MicroQC please visit the online store, select Performance Certification for your cart and checkout. Instructions for shipping your MicroQC will be emailed to you. Turnaround times are typically 5 business days.

Repair Service

If your MicroQC has been damaged, it can be repaired. Please email with a description of the damage so that the damage can be assessed in collaboration with you.  Performance Certification is required after a repair. Please do not worry if you misdiagnose your MicroQC. Phosentix will only perform needed repairs and will keep you informed throughout the process.

In the unlikely event that your MicroQC has failed within one calendar year of purchase please email with your contact information and serial number. Phosentix will repair or replace your unit at no charge. Please be aware that misuse or improper storage will not be covered under the manufacturer's warranty. 

Battery Recycling

The MicroQC plate incorporates a Lithium Polymer battery that can be recycled. If your MicroQC product is no longer needed within your laboratory, please ship it back to Phosentix so that the battery can be removed and recycled. Alternately, remove the battery yourself and use your local drop-off center to have the battery shipped to a recycler. In the USA, Call2Recycle has thousands of local drop-off locations which can be used for convenient battery recycling. If in doubt, please contact us at for assistance.

MicroQC plate
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