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Microplate Reader Fluorescence Assays

Fluorescence is the second most commonly used analytical method in microplate readers and is used in a large variety of assays. The fluorescence performance of a microplate reader can be challenging to quantify but, Phosentix has your needs met with the MicroQC Plate. The MicroQC Plate has twelve solid state fluorescent standards whose relative fluorescent signals can provide quality assurance information about your microplate reader's fluorescence precision and linearity. The fluorescent matrix can be read with standard fluorescein filters, but it is a red-shifted matrix so as to be representative of popular red-shifted fluorophores such as the TAMRA, Cy dyes, and others. 

The MicroQC Plate fluorescent standards are stable and their values will not change over time. They are ideal for repeatedly testing microplate readers, making comparisons between readers, and for setting up benchmarks to monitor changes in specific microplate readers. Fluorescent signal window, signal to blank, precision, and linearity can all be calculated using the MicroQC Plate.


The relative fluorescent values of each well are stored in the MicroQC Plate onboard memory. The values are accessible through the ePaper menu and therefore always available to scientists and metrology staff. If these values are used as standards and the output of any properly functioning microplate reader is plotted against these values then the result will be a line with an extremely good linear fit. 

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