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MicroQC Plate QC Check Plate for Miroplate Readers
Firmware and Worksheets

The MicroQC Plate is the most advanced microplate quality control metrology device available. No other microplate reader QC device has as many features in one package. The Phosentix MicroQC Plate is designed for researchers who need an independent QC verification tool for their microplate reader that can provide high quality unbiased analytical results. The MicroQC Plate can easily be incorporated into your QC, SOP, or performance evaluation procedures and we have many features available to simplify your work.

The MicroQC Plate has a unique serial number displayed on the startup screen. 

In addition, the calibration due date is displayed for easy reference.


Each MicroQC Plate will display its last QC date and when the next QC evaluation is due. The installed options on the MicroQC Plate are displayed as well as the firmware version. Phosentix recommends certifying the MicroQC Plate yearly and we offer a very fast and economical package for that procedure.


The MicroQC Plate has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that will last for months on a charge with normal use. A battery charge indicator is provided on all function screens and the unit has an auto shutdown feature to prevent use with inadequate battery voltage. 


The MicroQC Plate battery is charged with a standard USB cable supplied with the unit. 

The MicroQC Plate ships with Analyst Worksheets to assist you in the evaluation of your microplate reader. The Analyst Worksheets will automatically evaluate data from the MicroQC Plate in absorbance, fluorescence, and luminescence modes. The Analyst Worksheets have standard values from your specific MicroQC Plate already entered so all you need to do is read the plate on your microplate reader, cut, and paste the data into the Analyst Worksheet for an evaluation.






Phosentix has recommendations for evaluation criteria built into the worksheets. However the Compliant / Non-compliant criteria can be adjusted according to your laboratory procedures or metrology guidelines. The worksheets are specific for your MicroQC Plate, but as always the standard values are stored on the MicroQC plates and accessible at any time via the ePaper display. 


Phosentix supplies a 50+ page manual with each MicroQC Plate that is a great reference for microplate reader users. The manual details analysis procedures, discusses performance evaluations, and statistical analysis of your data. It also offers helpful tips on troubleshooting your assays and microplate readers.


Your microplate reader doesn't need to be a black box. With the MicroQC Plate you can learn more about how your microplate reader works and generates data. Phosentix has many years of experience in analytical science, engineering, and metrology. We're happy to assist you with your microplate reader evaluations.

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