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The Phosentix MicroQC™ Plate is the most sophisticated microplate reader analysis tool available. The Phosentix MicroQC™ Plate works with most 96 well microplate readers, including Berthold™, Biotek™, BMG LABTECH™, Molecular Devices™, Perkin Elmer™, Tecan™ and others.


For the first time the life science laboratory scientist has the ability to independently verify all functionality of a microplate reader, perform objective assessments of performance, and even make comparisons between microplate readers, using one tool.


Microplate readers should be routinely evaluated and verified with an independent reference source and the Phosentix MicroQC™ Plate can serve that need. Many laboratories work under strict Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) or Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) that are defined by outside agencies. The Phosentix MicroQC™ microplate can be used by the laboratory scientist to QC a microplate reader in this working environment. 

The Phosentix MicroQC™ Plate offers National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceable measurement modality for the best available quality control standards. Three functional modes on the Phosentix MicroQC™ are NIST traceable so you will have confidence that the measurements from the Phosentix MicroQC™ are accurate and will meet QC documentation requirements. 

The Phosentix MicroQC™ Plate can be integrated into your standard operating procedures, QC functions, or performance qualification for your microplate reader providing assurance that your reader is operating properly. For monitoring changes in the microplate reader over time baseline measurements can be made of the MicroQC Plate thus providing a historical benchmark to which future measurements can be compared.

The unit comes with a MicroQC Plate Analysis worksheet that can be used on any computer with Microsoft Excel™. Simply cut and paste the data from your microplate reader software into the MicroQC Plate Analysis worksheet and the results from your testing will be automatically calculated and a determination of microplate reader analytical suitability made. For additional information about the MicroQC Plate please download our brochure or explore features below.

Multifunctional, like your plate reader. All QC functions in one device.

Twelve precision controlled LEDs test luminescence sensitivity and linearity.

Verify accuracy of your microplate reader incubation chamber temperature.

Twelve absorbance standards check linearity, precision, and accuracy.

Luminescence crosstalk determination can help improve your assays.

Determine if your reader has proper x-y alignment and plate tray is level.

Twelve fluorescence standards with a large dynamic range test linearity and precision.

Assay simulation mode verifies the kinetic assay performance of your microplate reader.

Independent verification - check, verify, or compare any microplate reader.

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