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Microplate Reader Absorbance Assays

Your microplate reader is multifunctional and so is the MicroQC Plate.  Microplate reader linearity, precision, accuracy - each can be measured with the MicroQC Plate in multiple modes. Absorbance, fluorescence, luminescence, temperature, kinetics suitability, x-y positioning, crosstalk, and more, all of these can be measured with a single QC device - the MicroQC Plate. No longer will you need to rely on another company or department for a performance evaluation of your reader, you'll be able to quickly and accurately carry that out in your own lab. 

Microplate readers are the analytical workhorses in many life science labs. They perform key functions for scientists, but only if they are functioning properly. The MicroQC Plate packs all needed microplate reader QC functionality into one QC device at a very affordable price. The MicroQC Plate will become an integral part of your standard QC and assay troubleshooting procedures. Know, don't wonder if your microplate reader is reading correctly.


The Phosentix MicroQC Plate is customizable with options but every unit can perform absorbance, fluorescence, and luminescence testing for accuracy, linearity, and precision.

Add optional reading modes to fully test your microplate reader for a complete QC evaluation. Phosentix's MicroQC Plate Analysis package makes data evaluation easy, no matter what type of microplate reader you own.

The MicroQC Plate's NIST traceable temperature monitoring is an invaluable option for monitoring your microplate reader's functional performance. Never wonder if your assays are being properly incubated. 


The MicroQC Plate's built in accelerometers, temperature sensors and multichannel LED array allow for future expansion of capabilities

S=Standard   O=Optional   NA=Not Available Yet

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