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Microplate Reader Absorbance Assays

Absorbance is the most commonly used analytical method employed in microplate reader assays. Visible or ultraviolet, absorbance microplate assays are the mainstay of the life science laboratory.

The MicroQC Plate can help you determine if your microplate reader is properly reading absorbance assays and can be the cornerstone of your laboratory SOP and QC/QA procedures. With twelve absorbance wells ranging from 0.065 OD to over 2.50 OD, the MicroQC Plate completely covers the analytically relevant optical density range of absorbance assays. 

The MicroQC Plate absorbance standards can be NIST traceable if needed, simply select the NIST Traceable option in the online store. The absorbance values will be calibrated using proper analytical methodology to Phosentix's NIST standards. Data will be provided for NIST traceable values at 440nm (and 465nm,492nm,546nm,590nm,635nm if purchased with NIST option), however the MicroQC Plate can be read throughout the visible spectrum at any wavelength you need.


By using the known absorbance values of the MicroQC Plate you can determine if your microplate reader meets precision, linearity, and accuracy metrics. The MicroQC Plate absorbance values will not change over time so you always can rely on it as a stable benchmark for QC procedures. The MicroQC Plate absorbance values are stored on the device and can be accessed through the menus on the ePaper display. You'll never need worry about keeping up with certification paperwork and the values are automatically updated with yearly recertification of the MicroQC Plate.

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