The fully optioned Phosentix MicroQC Plate has every option available on the plate – fluorescence, absorbance (NIST linked), luminescence, kinetic luminescence simulations, crosstalk performance, and incubator temperature monitoring. The full specifications are shown below.


Analytical Specifications:

  • Twelve absorbance standards ranging from 0.065 OD to 2.250 OD, NIST traceable 
  • Twelve precision diffused luminescence standards 
  • Twelve solid-state fluorescence standards 
  • Integrated temperature sensor with 0.2C accuracy for monitoring of microplate reader incubation
  • Assay simulation luminescence well with kinetic simulation similar to popular assays such as Dual Luciferase®. Other assay simulations to be made available in the future
  • Crosstalk luminescence well, blank well surrounded by four luminescence standards, allows performance metrics for 96-well crosstalk.
  • 1536 corner alignment wells based on SBS 1536 microplate standards
  • Temperature measurement, NIST traceable
  • X-Y attitude measurement with accelerometers for proper optical alignment


Chassis Specifications:

  • ePaper display indicating operating mode, temperature, calibration date, calibration due date, serial number, instrument serial number, and battery level
  • USB serial communication port for battery charging and firmware updates
  • Li-ion battery with battery charge indicator
  • Lightweight aluminum chassis, precision machined and black anodized for minimum light reflection.
  • Entire assembly machined on precise SBS standard dimensions to 0.001” tolerances


The Phosentix MicroQC Plate will work with readers from Berthold™, Biotek™, BMG LABTECH™, Molecular Devices™, Perkin Elmer™, Tecan™, Thermo™, and many others.

Phosentix MicroQC Plate - With All Options

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