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If you only need Absorbance, or Fluorescence, the MicroQC AF plate provides 12 of each standard. This plate represents excellent value for customers who do not need luminescence, temperature, attitude, simulation or crosstalk features. 


This plate has no active electronics installed. Absorbance and Fluoresence modes do not require electronics.


The Phosentix MicroQC AF Plate has the following specifications:


Analytical Specifications:

  • Twelve absorbance standards ranging from 0.040 OD to 2.50 OD, NIST traceable 
  • Twelve solid-state fluorescence standards 
  • Optional Absorbance Wavelength Accuracy Well E10 (Holmium Oxide Filter)
  • 1536 corner alignment wells based on SBS 1536 microplate standards


Chassis Specifications:

  • Lightweight aluminum chassis, precision machined and black anodized for minimum light reflection
  • Entire assembly machined on precise SBS standard dimensions to 0.15mm tolerances


Options – Added to the MicroQC AF Plate using pull-down selections to the right

  • Holmium Oxide Filter: Includes a filter in well E10 that is used for wavelength vertification of your reader's Absorbance Mode Monochromator or Spectrometer.


The MicroQC Plate Basic will work with readers from Berthold™, Promega™, Biotek™, BMG LABTECH™, Molecular Devices™, Perkin Elmer™, Tecan™, Thermo™, and many others.


Phosentix MicroQC AF Plate

SKU: 10-1203
  • All products carry a one year manufactuer's warranty against workmanship and parts. In the extremely unlikley event that your MicroQC fails within the first year of ownership, it will be repaired or replaced as appropriate.  This policy does not cover products that are misued or mishandled.

    In the unlikely event that you wish to return your purchased items, please ensure that the warranty sticker on the rear of the unit is not damaged.  A damaged sticker may invalidate your return. Returns are accepted up to 30 days after your receipt of the product.

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